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Air Filters
air filtersKAESER has a wide range of air filters, which enable to reach any degree of air quality needed.All air quality levels as described in the ISO 8573-1 norm, class 1 to 4 can be reached and even exceeded.

Capacity from 0,6 to 250 m3/min

Particle separation: up to 0,01 micron

Oil carry-over: below 0,001 mg/m3.

Max pressure 16 bar (high pressure versions are available)

Condensate Drains
condensate drainsReliable drains have to be installed under all taping points, like the air receiver tank, filters, dryers etc. Conventional floater drains do not always operate properly and timer drain can cause air losses, thus wasting energy.

With the “Eco-Drain electronic ‘level-sensor’ drain from KAESER, your condensate will be drained automatically if a certain level is reached and without air losses, because it only drains liquid. The Eco-Drain is very reliable and has a fault contact, to warn if something is not functioning well.

Range capacity from 1,5 to 1000 m3/min

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