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Stationery Screw Compressors |
Portable Diesel driven Screw Compressor

Stationery Screw Compressors
KAESER offers a complete range of screw air compressors to meet any compressed air requirement. KAESER’s propietary SIGMA Profile™ airend produces more air with saving up to 20% in energy costs.
To see all advantages of the modern KAESER compressors, please click on benefits.
The high efficiency also results in less heat development, this is why almost the complete compressor range is simply air-cooled. Thus saving costs for cooling towers, water circulation pumps and regular cleaning of the coolers. Although water-cooling is possible on request.

Capacity range from 0,3 m3/min (2.2 kW) to 75 m3/min (450 kW)
Pressure range from 3,5 to 14 bar(g)

Portable Diesel driven Screw Compressor
The KAESER Mobilair™ series portable Screw Compressor are designed to withstand years of use in tough field operations. They feature the power-saving, propietary SIGMA Profile™ airend and a heavy-duty industrial diesel engine. Ideally suited for use in the construction, mining, and rental industry. The high efficiency of the SIGMA profile™ airend, reduces the power consumption with up to 20%. This will not only result in a corresponding lower fuel consumption, but will also prolong the life time of the motor. The lower heat production makes the MobilairTM very suitable to operate in hot tropical conditions. portable diesel driven screw compressor

A sturdy – powder coated – canopy, easy maintenance with long service intervals are other reasons for the popularity of the Mobilair™ series.

Capacity range from 1 m3/min (35 CFM) to 27 m3/min (950 CFM)
Pressure range from 5 bar (70 Psig) to 14 bar (200Psig)

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