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Stationery Screw Compressors
Kaeser offers a complete range of screw air compressors to meet virtually any compressed air requirements. Kaeser's proprietary SIGMA™ PROFILE airend produces more air per horsepower, saving up to 20% in energy costs. A powder-coated sound-dampening enclosure with cabinet prefilter is
standard on most models. Anti-vibration pads eliminate the need for a special foundation and provide quiet, smooth operation.

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The high efficiency also results in less heat development, this is why almost the complete compressor range is simply air-cooled. Thus saving costs for cooling towers, water circulation pumps and regular cleaning of the coolers. Although water-cooling is possible on request.

Choose from models ranging in size from 0,3 m3/min (2.2kW) to 75 m3/min (450Kw), with pressures from 3,5 to 14 bar(g). All units are fully packaged, ready for hook-up.

Portable Diesel driven Screw Compressor
Technical specification
Series: Mobilair
FAD: 0.82 to 27 m³/min
Engine power: 12 to 174 kW
Pressure: 7 to 14 bar
KAESER Mobilair portable screw compressors are powerful, mobile machines providing compressed air on the construction site or in trade and industry for applications such as road breakers, power moles and sand blasters. The wide range of Mobilair models and options covers all the requirements of the construction industry ranging from power tools to auxiliary electrical supplies for lighting and welding.
Powerful KAESER rotary screw air compressor with the SIGMA™ PROFILE airend
Robust, fuel-efficient diesel engine from quality manufacturers (M12 with petrol engine)
Galvanized steel reinforced bodywork upholds the machine's value over the years
Energy-saving regulation of air delivery from 0 to 100 % by controlling engine speed and inlet valve
Compressor cooling fluid circulation thermostatically controlled for faster warm-up and reduced wear
Easy accessibility makes for simplified maintenance
Quiet running with super-soundproofing to European standard 84/533/EWG
Some models (M 12E, M 34E, M 46E) supplied with electric motor drive for use in particularly noise-sensitivie areas
Optional air treatment system, built-in hose reel and electrical generator
Extensive and fully compatible range of tools and accessories

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