Sigma Profile The KAESER SIGMA PROFILE, introduced in 1975 and continuously optimised, brings power savings of up to 15 percent over conventional rotary screw profiles.
All KAESER airends are equipped with rotors having this energy-saving profile. They are operated at their best specific working point to ensure highest energy-efficiency.
The generously-sized, precision-aligned roller bearings and close-tolerance machining guarantee long life cycles and outstanding reliability.
Up to 15 percent energy is saved by the optimised performance of the SIGMA PROFILE and excellent flow characteristics of the inlet channels.
Very long operational life due to precision-aligned, top-quality rolling bearings. The bearings used are designed for generous reserve.
High reliability resulting from close tolerance production on high-precision grinding machines.
The airends are designed and produced in-house by KAESER.


Airend with SIGMA Rotor Profile
The heart of a screw-compressor is the Airend or screw-element. The rotors of the KAESER Airend are shaped according to the proprietary world renowned Sigma-Profile.

Picture of asymmetrical profile

Picture of Sigma profile

Most screw compressors in the world are using the asymmetric rotor profile, which was first developed in 1962. KAESER was not satisfied with the efficiency of this rotor profile and decided to develop their own rotor profile. Years of research culminated in a decisive break through with the development of the Sigma Profile. A profile, which made it possible to reduce the power, needed to generate compressed air with up to 20%.

N.B. Power consumption contributes to about 80% of the costs of compressed air. With these savings, the complete investment can be recovered in only a few years. Other advantages of the Sigma profile is the up to 20% lower heat development, which made it possible for KAESER to use simple 100% air-cooled compressors for almost all types. And the very efficient Sigma profile made it possible to efficiently compress air up to 1 5 bar in one single stage. With conventional systems to reach a similar efficiency is often only possible when using complicated 2-stage compression.
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